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Where Food Safety Meets Excellence

The Institute for Food Safety Advancement (IFSA), is a learning institution focused on strengthening the food safety culture of the Philippines. A sister company of Glenwood Technologies International, Inc., IFSA was founded in 2019 with the recognition of the need to create better awareness on the various concepts significant to food safety. Consequently, IFSA empowers individuals with the proper knowledge to ensure that food is produced according to its intended use and would not cause harm to its consumers. 

While Glenwood Technologies is known for the provision of premium rapid diagnostics and hygiene monitoring kits for food and feed safety, supported with unparalleled technical services, IFSA offers the essential programs for food safety learning. Its courses were produced from a reservoir of intellectual sources which have been largely imparted by industry experts. 

IFSA is where the opportunity for continual in-depth food safety learning is provided – it is where food safety meets excellence.


We help build a food safety culture in the Philippines by empowering individuals through having up-to-date knowledge and information on food safety assurance applicable for all parts of the supply chain. This is through the provision of intensive training on various food safety topics of concern, which are conducted by the best food safety experts, all done to ensure food safety for the consumers.


We envision that all food and beverage manufacturers in the country, as well as allied industries, will possess the necessary knowledge and mindset to properly implement food safety measures in their facilities.


Passion. We love to go the extra mile. We are always inspired to do great things and be the best that we can be. Our love for what we do drives us to deliver and promote innovative and reliable food safety solutions.


Empathy. We foster open-mindedness and understanding in every situation we encounter, and with every person we deal with.


Integrity. We do business with utmost genuineness. We build lasting relationships with our stakeholders based on trust, fairness, and candor.


“Bayanihan.” We believe that the success of the company is also the success of our team. Thus, we set aside any differences and put our strengths altogether in order to achieve the desired output.


Prudence. We assess every situation keenly and make sound judgments objectively.


Thoroughness. We work with diligence, accuracy, and focus on detail. We always ensure that excellence is exemplified in our outputs

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Upcoming Events
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